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Swati Varshney is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of 1StopIP Solutions. She brings 16 years of expansive experience and in-depth knowledge about IPR and specially, patents. She holds M. Sc. Degree from M. J. P. Rohilkhand University (Bareilly) and M Phil. degree (Chemistry) from Agra University campus. She has been a part of the Women Scientist Scholarship Scheme 2008 and has done her IPR training from CSIR-IPU unit. She is an LLB (AIBE qualified) with advanced knowledge of patent drafting and prosecution in Chemistry and other technical areas such as mechanical, electrical etc. She has an advance knowledge in Chemistry and other technical domains such as mechanical, medical, automobiles, electronics & communications and electrical etc. She has an end-to-end experience of handling prosecution for different jurisdictions such as India US, EP and PCT applications. She provides a fully equipped 1STOP shop of IP protection for Patents, Trademarks, Design, Copyright, and Geographical Indication. She has been involved in development and strategic management of patent portfolios. Swati firmly believes in innovation and upholding trust, with a work culture that blends with knowledge and transparency. Under her stewardship, the firm has evolved as law firm to provide one stop IP services in India and abroad. Swati pioneered the incorporation of her knowledge, constructive application of information technology to enhance productivity and leverage optimum results through strategic implementation of resources. Assessing existing realities and exploring new opportunities, Swati has been instrumental in encouraging inventors to embrace innovation for sustainability and growth in highly competitive markets. She is widely acknowledged by industry peers for introducing path breaking solutions, and transforming the IPR industry by promoting professionalization and adherence to best practices in managerial and strategic operations.

We understand

1STOP IP Solutions is an intellectual property firm. We fill a void in the intellectual property market by incorporating professional knowledge of intellectual property to the client and amalgamating it with the laws and bring into practice. We get a picture of the client’s requirements and bridge the gap, by developing strategies relevant to the situation and aligning it to clients’ needs to help the client as per his requirements.

We Hear You

1STOP IP Solutions, is passionately dedicated to the IP laws including trade-marks, copyrights, designs, patents, and Geographical Indication. We provide a complete range of services including filing and prosecution of applications, oppositions, searching and audit and follow up services, renewals, licensing and registered users etc. 1STOP IP Solutions ensures that our attorneys and staff are trained with best practices followed across the globe and understand and client needs to make a balance according to the requirements.
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